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About Barbie Durham

Barbie Durham was born in Oceanside, NY. She graduated from Grand Canyon University with a major in counseling and a minor in biblical studies. She is a speaker to women’s groups and has served her church in intercession for pastors. She is a Toastmaster and earned 2nd place in the state of Arizona for an inspirational speech contest. She is a certified health coach helping many find health in mind, body, soul, and spirit.   She is passionate about teaching others how to walk the Christian life guided by the Holy Spirit.  She teaches from the Word and from experience and has gained credentials as she puts it, from the School of Hard Knocks.  She is the mother of two adult children Justin and Carissa and currently resides in Tempe, AZ .

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Barbie Durham

Author and Motivational Speaker




Box 11414

Tempe, AZ 85284

Barbie shares her story with passion. To invite Barbie to speak to your group please contact her through email or phone above



Barbie Durham

From a young age, Barbie seemed to have a charmed life. But behind closed doors, secrets abounded. Who was that woman sitting at the kitchen table? Where did her brother go? The heart-wrenching answers defined Barbie’s youth.


As a wife and mother, Barbie was living the life many young girls dream about. She had a dream house, a dream husband, and children whose love filled her life. Her family went to church together and prayed together. But once again, trauma, turmoil, and deception ripped their way through Barbie’s dream life.


In her debut memoir, Barbie in Real Life, Barbie Durham shares her story of decades of pain and loss--and how a life that could appear so perfect can also hold a darkness so deep that only God could break through.


When in great pain and at death’s door, can Jesus miraculously heal? When reeling from betrayal, overwhelmed by hurt and anger, can Jesus miraculously intercede? When confronted with the depths of despair springing from loneliness and abandonment, can God restore joy? Barbie’s testimony of the power of God will have every reader shouting, “Yes! He can!”


Through each powerful chapter, Barbie Durham shares her story with transparency and clarity. Sometimes shocking and gritty in it’s truth, Barbie in Real Life is an unforgettable book that will melt your heart and minister to it at the same time. Barbie Durham, a New York native, is a speaker, certified health coach, and teacher. She has two children and resides in Tempe, Arizona.

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