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He Listened, He Spoke, He Saw, and He Touched

Jesus observed the needs of the people around Him.

Wherever He went, He listened to them and He encouraged them. He healed them and He had compassion on them.

What a great inspiring lesson Jesus left for us in observing and responding to the needs right around us.

Matthew 8:10 it says that Jesus was amazed when he heard the faith of the centurion. This man had come to Him to heal his paralyzed servant. The centurion believed with all his heart that all Jesus had to do was to speak and his servant would be healed.

He understood that authority carries power and that the authority Jesus carried was heaven sent and full of more power than he could ever compare to it.

He was right.

The centurion was rewarded that day for his faith and I’m certain his life was never the same. Perhaps he continued to observe the needs around him and to respond to them with the same compassion Jesus showed when He healed his servant with only a spoken word.

The next thing Jesus did was to enter Peters house. There He sees Peter’s mother-in-law lying in bed not feeling well.

Quietly, He walks right to her and touches her. No one had to tell Him she was sick. He observed it. He responded to the need being propelled by the authority of heaven inside of Him.

She responded to that authority and her body received a freeing of the fever.

We are given the same authority Jesus had. He resides within us and the same model He used then, He uses today.

Whether the needs around you are spoken or unspoken Jesus gives you the tools of your senses and the propelling of heaven’s authority to reach out and be Jesus with skin on to those around you.

He listened. He spoke. He Saw. He Touched.

We can too.

I believe in you,

Love, Barbie

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29 mar

Yes, we can! Happy Resurrection Day!!

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