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If Praise is Like Perfume

Updated: Apr 15

In John 12, Mary uses an expensive perfume to anoint the feet of Jesus. It was costly as far as a dollar amount, worth a whole year’s wages. Yet, to Mary, she poured it out willingly to show Jesus the love in her heart and to give Him all she had.

Judas thought, “What a waste.” We know the intentions of Judas’s heart was not pure. Very soon, he was going to betray Jesus. Yet, this evening he had to watch with his sinister spirit and love of mammon in his heart, as the most purest form of worship was poured out in front of him.

Bottom line, Jesus felt honored and showed His appreciation.

I’m not sure everyone understood the story that Jesus was soon to be taken from them, as it was unfolding.

But we, on the other side of the cross, reading their story, understand it all too well.

Jesus was not always going to be with them.

He was going to the cross to secure our salvation and His sacrifice would render every betrayer powerless. His sacrifice would bring out the depths of our heart in ways we didn’t know we could feel.

Phillips, Craig, and Dean have a song called, “Pour My Love on You,” that fully captures the essence of this story and parallels how our praise is just like that perfume.

Is there a way to show the passion in your heart?

Yes, there is!

Pour your praise out to the Lord as often as you can. Sing from the depths of your heart to the One who gave His all for you.

Your praise is like perfume to Him and he is honored.

“If Praise is Like Perfume,

I lavish mine on You,

till every drop is gone,

I’ll pour my love on you.”

I believe in You,

Love , Barbie

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