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The Power of Our Breath

Justin Cude | 1/18/1990-2/12/2022 | Faithful unto death

The Bible says in Hebrews 9:27 “that is appointed unto every man once to die.”

When that time will be for each of us is held in the heart of God.

He is the same God present at our birth blowing the breath of life into our lungs.

He is the same God who sustains that breath for a lifetime.

For the most part, this breath we’ve been given to inhale and exhale life-sustaining energy, goes unrecognized.

But, it’s there and where there is breath, there is hope.

I was reminded of David in 2 Samuel 12 and his response to God to spare the life of his infant son.

He cried out with everything in him to the only one who could sustain the life of his dying baby.

He prayed in great pain to the power of God to change the course of this death sentence.

But, God made his decision and despite David’s faith and cry for life, the baby died.

Have you ever had someone die who you prayed God would heal them and let them live?

I have.

My own son.

He died at 32 years old, despite my faith and cries for healing.

The days leading up to his death were very hard. We were in a fog of unknown watching him decline, yet at the same time offering up all of our faith in spite of what our eyes saw to the power of God who could turn it around.

Where there was breath, there was hope until there was no more breath.

My son left this earth believing God would heal him. God had made his decision and the life-sustaining breath given to him at birth was retracted.

Hebrews 11: 39 says that “those who believed will be commended for their faith even though they did not receive what had been promised.”

His faith never faltered. He died with his bible open on his lap and his praise music playing in his ears.

I want my faith journey to read like his, faithful to the end.

David too recognized the decision the Sovereign Lord had made for his son. A decision that went against all he desired, but nonetheless, a decision he would trust.

For those of us that experienced the death of someone we love and feel that heaven is separating them from us, please remember the bible says in 2 Corinthians 5:8 “to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord.”

They are okay.

However, our journey will continue to require faith and trust that God’s plans included us the day He scooped our loved one home.

God made His Sovereign decision for them.

That’s a decision you can trust.

I believe in you

Love, Barbie

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