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Who Do You Love?

Updated: Mar 6

Did you know the first time the word “love” is mentioned in the Bible is in Genesis 22:2 when God told Abraham to, “Take your son, your only son, whom you “love” and sacrifice him as a burnt offering on a mountain I will show you.”

I believe Abraham walked up that mountain fully intending to be obedient to the Lord. Perhaps in the night hours before they left for the mountain, he had played out sacrificing Isaac in his heart more times than one.

That had to have been one of the longest nights of his life.

To whom much was given, much was required.

As we know, God provided a ram to be the sacrifice and Isaac remained the beloved son whom Abraham loved.

Abraham went on to fulfill his destiny and became the father of many nations.

So, what was the purpose of all of this if God already knew the ram would be in the thicket?

I believe it was to build Abraham’s faith and to teach him the fortitude that comes from loving God first and foremost and more than anything else on this earth. It would be required of him to fulfill his destiny.

It is the same lesson for all of us.

Who do you love?

Would you be willing to give them completely to God?

If God required them back and there was no ram in the thicket for you, would you worship Him on that mountain of sacrifice anyway?

To whom much is given, much will be required.

The journey on this earth requires faith. Sometimes, God’s requests will not make sense in the moment, but as you walk with Him and let time pass, you will see it always did to Him.

Trust Him in the process and give Him the first place on the list of those you love.

I believe in you,

Love, Barbie

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